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Project Title Project Leader NIBRA Program
Marine Sediment Derived Actinobacteria From Islands Of Luzon, Palawan,Mindanao And Eastern Visayas And Their Antimicrobial Activities (Phase 2) Doralyn Sarria Dalisay View Details
Evaluation Of Aqueous Extracts From Codium Species For Cytotoxic And Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) Inhibitory Potential Ross Dizon Vasquez View Details
Relationship Of Health And Productivity Of Smallholder Swine And Poultry With Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices (KAP) Of Raisers Rio John Toledo Ducusin View Details
A Henstock Approach To The Characterization Of The Ito Stochastic Integral Irene F. Abaygar View Details
Utilization Of Cassava Starch As Low-cost Tissue Culture Medium Component For Rapid Propagation Of Yam (Dioscorea Alata L.) Villaluz Zara Acedo View Details
Agricultural Waste Products As Potential Sources Of Botanical Insecticides Against Philippine Subterranean Termites Menandro N. Acda View Details
Going Viral: Using Digitized Media Art For HIV-AIDS-Related Advocacies Brian Saludes Bantugan View Details
Bioremediation Strategies For Rehabilitation Of Abandoned Mine Tailing Areas In Mogpog, Marinduque Nelly Siababa Aggangan View Details
Preliminary Inventory And Diversity Of Ciliated Protozoans In Lake Lanao: Its Spatial And Temporal Variations And Its Bio-indication On Lake's Water Quality Fema Mag-aso Abamo View Details
Taxonomy Of Philippine Scymninae (Coleoptera Coccinellidae) Jessamyn Recuenco Adorada View Details
ZnO/Laser Scribed Graphene (LSG) Nanostructure As Flexible Photo-electrodes For Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Ian Jasper Ayagan Agulo View Details
Molecular Phylogeny, Revision Nd Conservation Status Of The Philippine Endemic Argostemma Species (Rubiaceae) Of Coffee Inferred From Multiple NrDNA And CpDNA Markers Fema Mag-aso Abamo View Details
Comprehensive Risk Assessment Of The Physical, Social And Economic Impacts Of Tropical Cyclones Leoncio A. Amadore View Details
Bacterial And Fungal Populations In Water Surface Sediments Of Lake Lanao Beverly Bermejo Amparado View Details
Creating Wealth: The Role Of The University In Enterprise Development & Innovation Rowena dela Torre Baconguis View Details
Strategic Risk Analysis Of Climate Change On The Food And Environment Of Gubat, Sorsogon Filomena I. Abarquez View Details
Challenges, Problems, Issues, And Priorities In Philippine MET From Maritime Schools And Training Center Viewpoints: Implications For Policymakers Angelica Morales Baylon Lizette View Details
The Manning Productivity Gain Cycle And Emerging Industries In The Philippines Digna Jocelyn L. Abaya View Details
Disaster Response Amd Disaster Change Mitigation And Adaptation In Two River Systems Of Iligan Efren F. Abaya View Details
Resilient Music At The Margins: Traditional Music Of Mindanao, Sulu And Palawan Ma. Concepcion O. Abaya View Details
Volatile Organic Chemical Profile Of Eggplant, Tagbak And Kakawate With Implication To Pest Management Of Selected Major Pest Of Rice, Eggplant And Tomato Susan May F. Calumpang View Details
Molecular Diagnostics And Taxonomy Of Cassava Pests And Their Natural Enemies Evaristo A. Abella View Details
Optimizing the Contributions of Science and Technology to Poverty Alleviation and Inclusive Growth Thorugh Collaborative Governance Edna Estifania A. Co View Details
Ang Pag-Angat Sa Kahirapan: Psychological Facilitators And Inhibitors Ma. Cecilia G. Conaco View Details
Clarifying The Quality Of Life In The Age Of ICT Bienvenido Y. Abesamis View Details
Vegetation Analysis In Areas Affected By Mine Tailings In Mankayan, Benguet And Vicinity (Changed Into Ecological Succession In Areas Covered By Copper And Gold Mine Tailings In Mankayan, Benguet, Northern Philippine) Virginia Castillo Cuevas View Details
Domestication And Evaluation Of The Culture Potential Of The Native Caridean Prawns Mcacrobrachium Lar (Fabricius, 1798) And Macrobrachium Mammillodactylus (Thallwitz, 1892) Ma Lourdes Aralar View Details
Documentation And Assessment Of Organic Rice Farming In Selected Indigenous Communities In The Philippines: Focus On Women's Knowledge And Practices Maria Helen Fandialan Dayo View Details
Biodiversity and Systematic of Marine Magnrove Fungi from Selected Coastal Areas in Luzon Islands, Philippines and Assessment of their Anti-microbial Activities Jannel Novino Abogado View Details
Gut Analysis Of Non-native Small Non-volant Mammals Along Elevational Gradients Of Mt. Banahaw Anna Pauline Orig De Guia View Details
Reproduction and Growth of the Pulmonate Snail Ryssota otaheitana Ferussac 1821 under Laboratory Conditions Timothy Joseph T. Abregana View Details
Symmetry Properties Of Carbon Nanostructures And Their Structural Analogues Alexa P. Abrenica View Details
Paleomagnetism Of The Amnay Ophiolite: Constraining The Translation History Carla Besa Dimalanta View Details
Development Of Organically Acceptable Antiparasiticide Praparations From Herbal Plants Of External Parasites Of Chickens And Livestock And Gastrointestinal Helmiths Of Native Chickens Billy P. Divina View Details
Binding Studies And Caharacterization Of Tetracycline Imprented Polymer Sensing Layer For A Chemical Sensor Based On Piezoelectric Quarts Crystal Sonia A. Acda View Details
Haloacetic Acids And Its Formation In Bromide And Chlorine Rich Water Systems Antonio L. Acedo Jr. View Details
Hydrogen Production from Domestic Wastewater using Microbial Electrolysis Maxima Joyosa Acelajado View Details
Development Of A Measure Of Tranparency For Teacher Education Institutions In The Philippines: Basis For Accountability Check And Public Trust Adelaida C. Gines View Details
Development Of International Competitive Index For Philippine Teacher Education Institutions Evangeline Ferrera Golla View Details
Endemic And Invasive Mollusk And Crutaceans: Their Impact In Lake Lanao Ecosystem Monera Arumpac Salic Hairulla View Details
Physical And Chemical Characterization Of Lake Lanao Carmelita Garcia Hansel View Details
Genomic Surveillance And Intervention On Dengue Virus Francisco M. Heralde III View Details
Standardized Anti-Hyperuricemic Extracts From Selected Philippine Plants Christine Chichioco Hernandez View Details
Biological Control Of The Broad Mite, Polyphagotargonemus Lates (Banks) By The Predatory Phytoseid Mite, Paraphytoseius Orientalis (Narayanan) Marcela Mendoza Navasero View Details
Indigenous Actinomycete Collection For Drug Discovery Irene Alcantara Papa View Details
Air Particulate Matter: Characterization By Elemental And Isotopic Fingerprint Of Organic Pollution Sources And Possible Mitigation Measures By Electron Beam Technology Preciosa Corazon Bascug Pabroa View Details
Diversity And Ecology Of Acanthocephala Parasites (Thorny-headed Worms) In Freshwater Fishes From The Seven Lakes Of San Pablo City, Philippines And Their Potential As Heavy Metal Bioindicators Of Heavy Metal Pollution Vachel Gay Velasco Paller View Details
Evaluation Of Feral Fish Biomarkers For Monitoring Of Estrogen Pollution Of Laguna De Bay Michelle Grace Valle Paraso View Details
Laboratory And Field Evaluations Of Water Bug, Diplonychus Rusticus For The Control Of Dengue Mosqouitos, Aedes Aegypti Pio Arestado Javier View Details
Development and Quality Assessment of NOvel and HIgh Value Fishery Products in Region VIII Jasmin E. Acuña View Details
Gearing K-12 Science For National Development And ASEAN Competitiveness Auxencia Alarcon Limjap View Details
Extraction Of Pecin From The Fruit Peel Waste Of Artocarpus Heterophyluus (Lam) Fam. James FC. Adams View Details
Language Preservation And Documentation Of Hanunuoo: Saving The Mangyan Culture Rochelle Irene Garcia Lucas View Details
Development And Validation Of World Lists For The Top Seven (7) Philippine Languages Used In The K-3 Curriculum Heidi Barcelo Macahilig View Details
E-Government Services For Overseas Filipino Workers Benjamin D. Adapon View Details
Euphorbia Tithymaloides: Propagation Of Mined Areas And Utilization Of Plant Extracts As Wood Preservatives Erlinda Lajara Mari View Details
The Surface Characterization Of Task-Specific Ionic Liquids For Carbon Capture Using A Home-Built Surface Tensiometer JOEL L. ADORADA View Details
Bioecology Of Scirtothrips Dorsalis Hood In Mango Celia dela Rosa Medina View Details
Towards The Production Of Polyvalent Vaccine Against Economically Important Bacterial Diseases Of Cattle And Buffalo Helen Amparo Molina View Details
Lake Lanao Fishery Resource Assessment: Population Survey, Reproductive And Morphometric Characterization Of Endemic And Introduced Fishes Of Lake Lanao Immediate Aquatic Environs Sherwin Saguban Nacua View Details
Development Of Sterile Insect Technique For Dengue Mosquito Vector. Aedes Aegypti Using Gamma Irradiation Glenda Bilog Obra View Details
Effects Of Fasting Prior To Slaughter On Dressing Percentage And Physico-chemical Characteristics Of Pork Joseph P. Olarve View Details
Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses of the Bacterial Microbiota of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Cultured In Earthen Ponds as Tool for Investigating Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases of Tilapia In The Philippines Rolando Villarente Pakingking Jr. View Details
Promotion Of Agricultural Technologies To Achieve Food Security And Healthy Environment Adressing Rural Energy And Soil Degradation Problems Through The Production And Application Of Biochars (Formerly Titled: Promotion Of Agricultural Technologies To Food Achieve Security And Healthy Environment) Imelda Angeles Agdeppa View Details
Harnessing Actinobacteria From Surigao Del Sur Rare Environments Effective Against Medically Important Pathogens Irene Alcantara Papa View Details
A Comprehensive Compilation Of Extant Cebuano Songs With Music Transcription And Analysis Hope Sabanpan Yu View Details
Common Health Problems Among Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs):Implications To Prevention And Health Services Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro View Details
Development Of A Low And Portable Electrochemical Sensor For Heavy Metal Detection In Water Shirley Delos Reyes Tiong-Palisoc View Details
Macrobenthos Community Dynamics In The Tropical Volcanic Lakes Of San Pablo, Laguna Emmanuel Ryan Celzo de Chavez View Details
Recreational And Aquaculture Carrying Capacity Of The Seven Lakes Of San Pablo City, Laguna Damasa Magcale Macandog View Details
Emerging Waterborne Parasites In Surface Waters Of The Seven Lakes Of San Pablo, Laguna Vachel Gay Velasco Paller View Details
Evaluation Of Endocrine Disruption In Fish From The Seven Lakes Of San Pablo City, Laguna Michelle Grace Valle Paraso View Details
Hydrogeomorphic Profiling Of Nonwadeable Rivers And Adjacent Riparian Areas In The Samar Island Natural Park Ma Natalia Abrugar Ciasico View Details
Project 1: Species Richness, Assessment And Conservation Of Vascular Flora In Mt. Agad-agad, Lanao Del Norte View Details
Biodiversity Assessment And Monitoring Of Nonwadeable Rivers And Adjacent Riparian Areas In The Samar Island Natural Park Ronelie C. Chato Salvador View Details
Bioremediation Strategies For Rehabilitation Of Abandoned Mined-Out Area In Mogpog, Marinduque Nelly Siababa Aggangan View Details
Cytoxixity Testing Utilizing The Sensitive Allium Test And Histopathologic Evaluation Of Selected Medicinal Plants With Antibacterial Potential In Iloilo Esperanza Maribel P. Agoo View Details
What Difference Has Migration Made To Philippine Development? Ernesto del Mar Pernia View Details
Drawing Best Practice Of Community Adaptation To Climate Change: Relating Conceptions, Attitudes, And Behavior Of Community Members Josefina A. Agravante View Details
Comprehensive Extraction Of Uranium, REE (Rare Earth Elements) And Other Valuable Resources From Wet Phosporic Acid: Phase I Rolando Y. Reyes View Details
Cultural Metaphors Of Poverty, Innovation And Development Zenaida Quezada Reyes View Details
Corruption Survey 2010: Survey Analysis (Part 2) Socorro Magallanes Rodriguez View Details
Policy Study On Mitigating The Health And Social Costs Of Business Outsourcing (BPO) In The Philippines Socorro Magallanes Rodriguez View Details
Livelihood Projects Using Sustainable Technologies Aquaponics Cristina Panlaque Aguilar View Details
Development Of Probiotic Nutraceuticals Using Indigenous And Lactic Acid Bacteria Edna A. Aguilar View Details
Compendium On Dengue In The Philippines Nelia P. Salazar View Details
Investigation On Crystal Defects Of Carbothermally Grown Oxide Nanostructures Roland V. Sarmago View Details
Digitized Archives And Database For Endangered Musical Collections Grace H. Aguiling-Dalisay View Details
Socioeconomic Of Dengue Evelyn G. Aguilloso View Details
Investigation On Properties And Applications Of Silicon Nanowires Fabricated Via Silver Assisted Electrolless Etching Alicia Mascardo Aguinaldo View Details
Dimensions Of Adaptive Capacity Of Women-Fishers' Households To Climate Change And Variability: Revisiting A Local Framework Marieta Bañez Sumagaysay View Details
Development Of Kitchen-Tested Recipes On The Utilization Of Budbod Sustansya And Indigenous Food Stuff In Preparing Low Cost But Nutritious Family Meals Epifania V. Tabbada View Details
Development Of Optimization Model For Automated Matching Of CO2 Sources And And Sinks In Carbon Capture And Storage Systems Maria Lourdes C. Aguirre View Details
Socioeconomics And Political Dimensions Of Lake Lanao Sukarno D. Tanggol View Details
Communication, Evaluation And Policy Brief Formulation Of Research-Based Information On Nutrient-Water Dynamics, Biodiversity And Productivity In Muyong Payoh Systems In Amganad, Banaue, Ifugao Maria Stella Casal Tirol View Details
Isolation, Purification And Characterization Of Asian Corn Borer [Ostrinia Furnacalis (Guenee)] Larval Chitanase Mary Ann Ona Torio View Details
Extraction, Characterization And Bio-Assay Of Larvicidal Activity Of Some Philiipine Medical Plants Rosalinda Cabañero Torres View Details
Optimal Design Of A Polygeneration System Using Various Clean And Low Carbon Technologies Using Fuzzy Mathematical Programming Approach Aristotle Tulagan Ubando View Details
A Macro-Micro Analysis Of The Technological Innovations And Its Processes To Enhance Philippine Competitiveness Filemon A. Uriarte Jr. View Details
Towards Sustainable Production of Semi-temperate Vegetables and Strawberry in Benguet and Mt. Province: Use of Entomopathogenic Nematodes (EPNs) for the Management of Soil Insects and Plants Parasitic Nematodes Consolacion Rustia Alaras View Details
Uses And Users Of ICT: Impact On Education And Health Irene M. Villaseñor View Details
Analysis Of Factors That Influence The Development Of Value Adding Products From Underutilize Crops In Different Argosystems Of The CALABARZON Area Luis M. Alarilla View Details
Towards The Development Of A Framework For The Continuing Education And Professional Development Of Mathematics Teachers Leading To A Mathematics Teacher Education Program Continuum Lourdes ? Alba View Details
Natural Product Screening For Dengue Control Gracia Fe Budoy Yu View Details
Isolation and Characterization of Locally, Isolated Actinomycetes from Rare Environments for the Production of Secondary Metabolites Against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus from Livestock Teofila Oriola Zulaybar View Details
Project 2: Diversity And Assessment Of Fauna In Mt. Agad-Agad, Lanao Del Norte View Details
Parasite Contamination And Transmission In Selected Agricultural Farms In Laguna And Quezon Provinces Towards The Improvement Of Control Strategies For Food Safety Vachel Gay Velasco Paller View Details
Bacterial Pathogen Contamination And Possible Transmission In Selected Agricultural Farms In Laguna And Quezon Provinces, Philippines Towards The Improvement Of Control Strategies For Food Safety Bernadette Colle Mendoza View Details
Species Richness, Assessment And Conservation Of Vascular Flora In Mt. Agad-Agad, Lanao Del Norte Victor Bucad Amoroso View Details
Diversity And Assessment Of Fauna In Mt. Agad-Agad, Lanao Del Norte Maria Melanie Pava Medecilo-Guiang View Details
A Socioeconomic And Political Study To Support Public Policy Towards Transforming The Municipality Of Ubay, Bohol Into A Science City Segundo Joaquin, Jr. Eclar Romero View Details
Study On The Utilization Of Marang Fruit (Artocarpus Odorratissumus Blanco) And Assessment Of Fruit Production In Mindanao Norma Uy Gomez View Details
Marine Sediment Derived Actinobacterial From Islands Of Western An Central Visayas And Their Antimicrobial Activities Doralyn Sarria Dalisay View Details
Assessment, Inventory And Biological Field Surveys Of Flora And Fauna Of The Mangrove Forests In Del Carmen, Siargao Island Cecilia Banag Moran View Details
Exploring Bat Guano From A Philippine Cave As Potential And Sustainable Source Of Antibiotic-Producing Streptomyces Spp. Against Pathogenic Bacteria Marian Pulido De Leon View Details
Music-Cultural Flows And Exchanges In Pulangi River, Maguindanao: The Making And Circulation Of Gongs And Bamboo Music And Verbal Arts Along The Pulangi - Cotabato River Jose Semblante. Buenconsejo View Details
Assessment Of The Impacts Of Climate Change And Water Resources Use And Management On The Hydrology Of Lake Lanao Watersheds: Averting The Looming Water Crisis In Lanao Del Norte Patricia Ann Asico Jaranilla-Sanchez View Details
Heavy Metal Contamination In Agricultural Soils And Crops And Its Implications To Farm Management And Food Safety And Security Christian Paul Parcon De La Cruz View Details
Development Of The Philippine Biotic Index To Monitor Water Quality Of Wadable Streams Francis Sebastian Magbanua Water Security 2020-04-A2-142 View Details
Potential Of Food-grade Bacteriocins As Biocontrol Agent Against Mastitis Infection In Dairy Cattle Rodney Honrada Perez Clean Energy 2020-04-A2-146 View Details
PHILMARINE-BLI: Re-arming The Antibiotic Arsenal With PHILippine MARINE Actinomycete Beta-Lactamase Inhibitors Jonel Penaranda Saludes Health Sufficiency 2020-04-A2-149 View Details
Elucidating The Stability Of Lake Taal’s Post-Eruption Littoral Food Web Through The Dietary Habits Of Goby Assemblages And Macrobenthos Community Structure Jonathan Carlo Ampo Briones 2020-04-A2-203 View Details
Zooplanktivory In The Endemic Sardinella Tawilis (Herre, 1927) And Its Relationship With Limnetic Zooplankton Dynamics In Lake Taal Rey Donne S. Papa 2020-04-A2-564 View Details Groundwater Research Network Data On Habitat Hydrology Observations – Philippines Drandreb Earl Oracion Juanico 2020-04-A2-185 View Details
Biohydrogen Production Improvement Of Locally Isolated Purple Non-sulfur Bacteria Jey-r Sabado Ventura Inclusive Nation Building 2020-04-A2-402 View Details
Screening Of Protein-rich Yeasts In Philippine Mangroves For Feed And Food Supplements Gina Rio Dedeles 2020-04-A2-242 View Details
Bioprospecting Industrially Viable Oleaginous And Carotenogenous Philippine Marine Protists (Thraustochytrids) Kim Hazel Valenzuela Arafiles Clean Energy 2020-04-A2-247 View Details
Evaluation Of The Prophylactic And Immunostimulant Effects Of Feeds Supplemented With Yeast And Thraustochytrid Whole Cells On Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei) Exposed To Vibrio Parahaemolyticus Gina Rio Dedeles Clean Energy 2020-04-A2-255 View Details
Design And Characterization Of Passive Solar-driven Membrane Seawater Desalination Set-up Noel Peter Bengzon Tan Sustainable Communities 2020-04-A2-394 View Details
Distribution Of Plastic Debris And Of Micro-plastics In Different Specimen (Fish, Sediment, Water, Benthic Organisms) In Mindanao Aquatic Environment And Exploration Of Relative Stress Biomarkers Rey Yonson Capangpangan Water Security 2020-04-A2-322 View Details
Activity Budget And Diet Composition Of Philippine Long-Tailed Macaques (Macaca Fascicularis Philippensis) In Human-Modified Landscapes Of Hindang, Leyte, And Makilala, North Cotabato, Philippines Lief Erikson Diocampo Gamalo 2020-04-A2-399 View Details
Prevalence And Molecular Characterization Of Gastrointestinal Parasites In Human-Macaque Interface: The Case Of Hindang, Leyte And New Israel, Makilala, North Cotabato Lothy F. Casim NA Health Sufficiency 2020-04-A2-643 View Details
Prevalence And Molecular Characterization Of Gastrointestinal Parasites In Human-Macaque Interface: The Case Of Hindang, Leyte And New Israel, Makilala, North Cotabato Lothy F. Casim NA Health Sufficiency 2020-04-A2-643 View Details
Understanding The Societal Knowledge, Attitude And Perception On Long-tailed Macaques And Their Habitats In Selected Tourist Areas In Mindanao And Leyte Islands Ris Menoel Romen Modina Health Sufficiency 2020-04-A2-645 View Details
Understanding The Societal Knowledge, Attitude And Perception On Long-tailed Macaques And Their Habitats In Selected Tourist Areas In Mindanao And Leyte Islands Ris Menoel Romen Modina Health Sufficiency 2020-04-A2-645 View Details
Breaking The Bottleneck: Metagenomic Mining Of The Microbial Dark Matter For Natural Product Discovery Ron Leonard Villa Dy 2020-04-A2-459 View Details
Isolation Of Novel Bacteria Using The IChip Jose Enrico Hizon Lazaro Health Sufficiency 2020-04-A2-462 View Details
Assessment Of Various Competition Experiments On The Antimicrobial Activity Of Compounds Produced By Isolated Microbes From Mangrove Soils In Luzon Erna Custodio Arollado Health Sufficiency 2020-04-A2-565 View Details
Conventional Versus Organic Farming Systems: Dissecting Comparisons To Improve Soil Health And Food Security Gina Villegas Pangga Clean Energy 2020-04-A2-390 View Details
PROJECT MARVELS (MAngrove Diversity Research As A Vulnerable Ecosystem For La Union’s Sustainability) Nikki Heherson Aldea Dagamac 2020-04-A2-444 View Details
Binalaybay Sang Ati: Mga Istorya Sang Kabuhi Sa Tunga Sang Kalamidad Kag COVID-19 John Paul Javero Petrola Food and Nutrition Security 2020-04-A2-483 View Details
PROJECT VIVA (Vegetation Inventories And VAluations) Cecilia Banag Moran 2020-04-A2-445 View Details
PROJECT PRICE (PRotist In Coastline Environments) Reuel Matignas Bennett 2020-04-A2-446 View Details
Project ELFHA: Biodiscovery Of EndoLichenic Fungi (ELF) To Mitigate Antimicrobial Resistance In Health And Agriculture Thomas Edison Espinoza Dela Cruz Health Sufficiency 2020-04-A2-464 View Details
Safe And Secure Water Supply For Mountain Indigenous Communities Epiphania Bete Magwilang 2020-04-A2-739 View Details
Manila Bay Monitoring Using Metagenomics For Pathogen Detection And Source-Tracking Windell Laberinto Rivera Water Security 2020-04-A2-593 View Details
Environmental Protection Of Water Bodies From Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Using Permeable Reactive Barrier As Passive Treatment System Aileen Huelgas Orbecido 2020-04-A2-559 View Details
Project DANUM - Decision Support And Nurturing Management Of Watersheds Nathaniel Vincent A Lubrica 2020-04-A2-757 View Details
Foodborne Contaminants And Shelf-life Of Eastern Visayas (EV) Street-vended Native Crop-based Delicacies: Determining Consumer's Willingness To Pay (WTP) For Food Safety Attributes Marianne Agnes Taveros Mendoza Clean Energy 2020-04-A2-605 View Details
PRESENT STATUS AND EXTENT OF SALTWATER INTRUSION IN PHILIPPINE COASTAL AQUIFERS Lorcelie Bareng Taclan Sustainable Communities 2020-04-A2-725 View Details
Impact Of Drinking Saline Water: Implications For The Best Practices In The Prevention Of Saltwater Intrusion Jolly Sabino Balila Sustainable Communities 2020-04-A2-877 View Details
LaWaQ: Lake Water Quality Evaluation And Monitoring Using Physico-Chemical And Biological Characterization Olga Go-Soco Corales-Ultra View Details
Women Indigenous Knowledge And Traditional Fisheries: Impacts On Biodiversity Of Rivers In The Samar Island Natural Park Roanne Benesisto Romeroso View Details
Stock Assessment Of Traditionaly "Fished" Aquatic Species In Nonwadeable Rivers And Adjacent Riparian Areas In The Samar Island Natural Park RENATO CABILOGAN DIOCTON View Details
eDNA Metabarcoding For Biomonitoring And Conservation Of Indigenous And Threatened Aquatic Species In Major Rivers In The Samar Island Natural Park Geraldine Pulga Muncada View Details
Project 1 (Year 1) - "Participatory Assessment Of Vulnerable Community's Communication Needs, Resources, And Behaviours On Disaster Risk Management" Aletheia Canubas Araneta View Details
Localizing Hybrid Disaster Risk Assessment (HYDRA) As Tool For Water Resource Management In Iloilo Province Patricia Ann Jaranilla Sanchez Water Security 2020-04-A2-809 View Details
Soft Computing For Impact Assessment Methodology Of Sustainable Ecotourism In Coastal Communities With An Integrated Fuzzy Multi-attribute Decision-making Approach Lanndon Anhao Ocampo Water Security 2020-04-A2-900 View Details
History Of Kalagan Indigenous Group In Hagonoy, Davao Del Sur Randy A. Tudy View Details
Effect Of Biofertilizer Inoculation Of Soil On Expression Profile Of Maize Genes And Its Subsequent Effects On Stenocranus Pacificus Karen Barandoc Alviar View Details
Fisheries And Biodiversity Resources Assessment And Monitoring In Lake Danao (FiBRe) John Orgel De la Cruz View Details
Project SLICE (Systems For Lake Information Convergence And Expertise) Victor Militante Romero II View Details
Institutions Of Local Access And Knowledge Of Ecosystem Services In Lake Danao (i-LAKES) Dakila Kim P. Yee View Details
Hot Co-Pressing Fabrication Of Lifepo4 And Ga-LLZ Solid Electrolyte Half-Cell Fo An All-Solid-State Lithium Battery Energy Storage Application Rinlee Butch Mangrobang Cervera View Details
Insect Fauna Of Lake Holon, Mt. Parker Range, T'boli, South Cotabato And Ethnoentomological Knowledge Of Tboli Ethnolinguistic Group. Rizalyn Borra Cudera View Details
Sustainability Assessment Of Algae-Based Biofuels In The Philippines Alvin Bustillo Culaba View Details
Construction Of DNA Barcode Reference Library For Pharmacologically Important Philippine Theraphosidae Myla R Santiago-Bautista View Details
Development Of A P-graph Based Model For Designing Philippine Agricultural Waste-based Integrated Biorefinery Michael Francis De Jesus Benjamin View Details
Isolation and Characterization of Photofermenting Microorganism for Biohydrogen Production Jey-R Sabado Ventura View Details
Pathological And Biochemical Changes In Allium Cepa L. (Bulb Onions) Infected With Gibberella Moniloformis (Twister) And Colletotrichum Gloeosporoides (Anthracnose) And Ultrastructural Characterization On The Endophytic Infection Of Gibberella Moniloformis And Its Sensitivity To Fungicides Ronaldo Traballo Alberto View Details
Properties And Durability Of Engineered Bamboos Marina A. Alipon View Details
Development Of An Innovative Pedagogical Model For Financially-Disadvantaged Students Wilma Santos Reyes View Details
Biodiversity And Anticancer Screening Of Marine Sediment Derived Actinobacterial Extracts And Fractions For Rapid Identification Of Bioactive Small Molecules Doralyn Sarria Dalisay View Details
Targeted Isolation of Rare and Novel Slow-Growing Bacteria and Yeasts from Soil and Aquatic Environments in Mt. Makiling View Details
Investigation Of The Terahertz Radiation Mechanism In Gallium Arsenite On SI Subtrate Elmer S. Estacio View Details
Maximizing The Gains From International Collaborations Geraldo Siao Petilla View Details
Enhancing The Advisory Role Of NAST Philippines View Details
Public Consultation And Drafting Of The Implementing Rules And Regulations (IRR) Of The Amendment To The Magna Carta For Science And Technology (S&T) And Enhancing Legislative Relations In Support Of STI Legislative Agenda For 18th Congress View Details
DOST Human Resource Development Program (DOST And SEI) View Details
Empowering And Promoting World Class Filipino Scientists In The Government Service View Details
Science For The People Book Series View Details
Asia Packaging Network (APN) International Packaging Symposium And ISTA-APD International Symposium On Distribution Packaging View Details
Expanded Implementation Of CEST In Region III View Details
CEST Program In The Province Of Antique Phase II View Details
Expansion Of The Lakas Ng Siyensa Teleradyo Program View Details
Support To The Promotion And Implementation Of The 2020 National Inventors Week (NIW) Celebration View Details
Nationwide S&T Promotion And Exhibits In SM Supermalls (Part II) View Details
Technical Meeting And High-Level Conference On Global Index (GII) In The Philippines View Details
Support To The Implementation Of The Balik Scientists Program Pursuant To R.A. No. 11035 Otherwise Known As The “Balik Scientist Act” – DOST, PCIEERD, PCHRD, PCAARD Component View Details
Support To The Implementation Of The Science For Change Program (NICER, RDLead, CRADLE & BIST) View Details
Defining a Gender-sensitive Work From Home (WFH) Scheme in a Post-ECQ Scenario Marieta Bañez Sumagaysay View Details
Dengue Vector Control Research Program – Year 3 View Details
Molecular Characterization Of Drug Susceptible And Multi-Drug Resistance Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Among Filipino Patients Derived From The National Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey Philippines 2016 View Details
Assessment, Inventory and Biological Field Surveys of Flora and Fauna of Mangrove Forest in Del Carmen, Surigao Island View Details
Targeted Isolation Of Rare And Novel Slow-growing Bacteria And Yeast From Soil And Aquatic Environments In Mt. Makiling View Details
The Search For Early Human Diaspora Continues: The Archaeological Excavation Of Munsayac Cave, Biak Na Bato National Park, Central Luzon, Philippines View Details
Improving The Design, Conduct And Analysis Of The Survey On Research And Development Expenditure, And Personnel View Details
Support To The National Committee On Biosafety Of The Philippines (NCBP) View Details
Addressing And Responding To COVID-19 Through Health Research (ARCHER) View Details
S&T For A Resilient Community Against The Pandemic (STRAP) View Details
Rebuilding The Agriculture, Aquatic And Natural Resources In Response To CoViD-19 (ReAARRC) View Details
Exploring The Links Of Incidence Of Teenage Pregnancy And Natural Disaster: The Case Of Eastern Visayas, Philippines Gloria Luz Martinez Nelson View Details
Earthworm Species Composition In And Ifugao "Muyong-Payoh Landscape" As They Vary With Vegetation And Soil Gradients Nestor Talamayan Baguinon View Details
Biodiversity (Taxonomy) And Potentials Of Marine Algae In Northeastern Leyte Island, Region VIII Paciente Altera Cordero Jr. View Details
Development Of A P-graph Based Model For Designing Philippine Agricultural Waste-Based Integrated Biorefinery Michael Francis De Jesus Benjamin View Details
Pulsed Laser Deposition Of Er:YAG Laser Crystal Wilson O. Garcia View Details
Impact Of Alternative Anti-Dengue Management In Urban And Rural Case Areas Judilynn N. Solidum View Details
Synthesis And Characterization Of Cellulose Nanocrystal (CNC) With Photoresponsive Cholesteryl Moiety In The Cellulosic Chain Drexel H. Camacho View Details
The Bioaccumulation Factor (BAF) Of Copper. Lead, And Zinc In Poecilia Reticulata (Guppy Fish) And Cyperus Alternifolius (Umbrella Plant) From Butuanon River, Cebu, Central Philippines Josephine M. Castañares View Details
Microwave Assisted Extraction And Characterization Of Rubber Seed Oil Evelyn C. Creencia View Details
Assessment Of Refrigerant-Absorption Pairs For Absorption Chillers Using Aspen Plus® As Process Simulation Software Allan N. Soriano View Details
Microbial-based Technologies For The Rehabilitation Of Heavy Metal Contaminated Wastewater From Mining Site Carmel C. Gacho View Details
Fiber Reinforced Geopolymer Based Concrete Derived From Coal Ash For Pre-Fab Or Modular Contruction System Michael Angelo B. Promentilla View Details
Development Of Input-output Models For Optimal Human Resource Management During Crisis Conditions Kathleen Bernardo Aviso View Details
Electrochemical Investigation Of The Pseudocapacitive Properties Of Nickel/Nickel Oxide Nanowire Nonwoven Electrode Formed Under External Magnetic Field Mary Donnabelle Lirio Balela View Details
Bayesian Estimation Of Generalized Long-memory Stochastic Volatility Alex Cerbito Gonzaga View Details
Modeling Dengue Transmission In The Philippines Aurelio Asug de los Reyes V View Details
String C-Groups And Regular/ Semi-regular Polytopes Ma. Louise Antonette Navarro De Las Peñas View Details
Behavior Of Two Dimensional Competitive System Of Non-linear Difference Equations Of Higher Order Jerico Bravo Bacani View Details
Philippine Actinomycete As Source Of Biosurfactant Virgie P. Almenteros-Alcantara View Details
Evaluation Of Matrix-Type Simvastatin Transdermal Patches And The Effects Of Natural Oil On Permeation Bryan Paul Ibañez Bulatao View Details
Online Hospital-based Registry Of The PHA Alisa P. Bernan View Details
Socio-cultural Determinants Of Health-seeking Behavior Among Children Living With Tuberculosis And Their Caregivers In Informal Settlements Maria Carinnes Alejandria Gonzalez View Details
The Quality And Sufficiency Of The Health Care Services Availed Of And Rated By The Elderly In Metro Dumaguete Enrique Galon Oracion View Details
Efficacy Of Sargassum Siliquosum J.G. Agardh In Treating Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD) On Trinitrochlorobenzene (TNCB)-induced Mice And Its Preformulated Topical Dosage Form Mary Jho-Anne Tolentino Corpuz View Details
Lipid-lowering Properties Of ‘Saba’ Banana Peel Pectin: In Vivo And In Vitro Studies Katherine Ann Castillo Israel View Details
Detection Of Resistance To Multiple Chemical Acaricides In The Cattle Tick Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) Microplus From Northern Luzon Provinces Remil Linggatong Galay View Details
Extraction And Bioassay Of Selected Philippine Plants For Diabetes, Dyslipidemia And Hypertension Erna C. Arollado View Details
Optimization Of Isolation And Purification Method Of Pharmaceutical Grade Pectin From Fruit Peel Wastes Of Selected Philippine Fruits (Phase II) Bienvenido S. Balotro View Details
Assessment Of A Locally Developed Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay For The Diagnosis Of Schistosomiasis In Selected Areas In The Philippines Vicente Y. Belizario Jr. View Details
Evaluation Of Matrix-Type Fluvastatin Transdermal Patches And The Effects Of Natural Oil On Permeation Bryan Paul Ibañez Bulatao View Details
Determination Of Herbal-Drug Interactions In The Use Of The Top Medicinal Plants In The Philippines Alicia Padilla Catabay View Details
Fatty Acid Profile Of Halophytophthora Spp From Philippine Mangroves Gina Rio Dedeles View Details
Pharmacognostic Studies On The Fruit Of Artocarpus Odoratissimus Blanco (Moraceae) Joseph Mari Baguilod Querequincia View Details
Occurrence, Genotype Analysis And Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Of Cryptosporidium From Bivalves In The Coastal Areas Of Metro Manila Windell Laberinto Rivera View Details
Air Particulate Matter: Characterization By Elemental And Isotopic Fingerprint Of Organic Pollution Sources And Possible Mitigation Measures By Electron Beam Technology Preciosa Corazon Bascug Pabroa View Details
Design And Implementation Of Community-Based Risk Communication In Disaster Risk Management Edmund Guevarra Centeno View Details
Hankel's Loop Integrals And R-Whitney Numbers Cristina Bordaje Corcino View Details
On Generalized Multi Poly-Euler Polynomials Roberto Bagsara Corcino View Details
On Generalized Multi Poly-Euler Polynomials View Details
Finite Element Analysis Of Maxillary Expansion In Filipinos: Comparative Analysis Of Various Appliances Fredegusto Guido Panganiban David View Details
S-Orthogonal Matrices And The Span Of S-Householder Vectors Agnes Clotilde Tablante Paras View Details
On Products Of Real S Householder Matrices Ralph John L. De La Cruz View Details
Parameter Estimation Using Nature-inspired Algorithms Carlene Pilar Arceo View Details
Counting The Number Of Self-dual Cyclic Codes Over R-dimensional Field Extension Of The Binary Field Lilibeth Dicuangco Valdez View Details
Photocatalytic Degradation Of Organic Dyes Using Copper Oxide Nanowires Armando S. Somintac View Details
Robust Method For Trapping Active Particles I: Simulation Study Mark Nolan Platero Confesor View Details
Dose Calculations From A Therapeutic Photon Beam Using GEANT4 Angelina Mabascog Bacala View Details
Investigation Of The Electronic Properties Of Undoped And Doped Iron-based Superconductors Leo Cristobal Castro Ambolode II View Details
Distributed Computational Platform For Monte Carlo Radiotherapy Salasa Aguiwat Nawang View Details
Steady States And Applications Of Open Quantum Walks Over Infinite And Finite One-Dimensional Lattices Roland Christopher F. Caballar View Details
Baselining, Yardsticks And Agenda Setting For The Philippine Research Agenda In Environmental Science Maria Victoria O. Espaldon View Details
Investigation Of Potential Paleo-tsunami Deposits In Western Philippines And Their Implications For Large-magnitude Offshore Earthquakes Noelynna T. Ramos View Details
Unraveling The Arc-continent Collision In Western Philippines: The Record From The Palawan Ophiolite Betchaida Duetes Payot View Details
Evaluation Of Different Spatial Interpolation Techniques For Operational Climate Monitoring And Prediction In The Philippines Joseph Quilang Basconcillo View Details
Determination Of The Prevalence Of BRCA1 And BRCA2 Mutation In High Risk Filipino Hereditary Breast Cancer Patients Rodney Banaria Dofitas View Details
Development Of A Low Cost And Portable Electrochemical Sensor For Heavy Metal Detection In Water Shirley Delos Reyes Tiong-Palisoc View Details
Frontier Research Agenda And Capability Building Of Researchers In The Region: NRCP Science And Technology Expert's Pool (NSTEP) View Details
Promotion of Agricultural Technologies to Achieve Food Security and Healthy Environment Addressing Rural Energy and Soil Degradation Problems through the Production and Application of Biochars (Formerly titled: Promotion of Agricultural Technologies to Food Achieve Security and Healthy Environment); View Details
Development of organically acceptable antiparasiticide preparations from herbal plants of external parasites of chickens and livestock and gastrointestinal helminths of native chickens; View Details
Documentation and Assessment of Organic Rice Farming in Selected Indigenous Communities in the Philippines: Focus on Women's Knowledge and Practices; View Details
Euphorbia tithymaloides: Propagation of Mined Areas and Utilization of Plant Extracts as Wood Preservative View Details
Content Analysis Of Government Policies And Issuances Regarding 2020 Pandemic (COVID-19) Laufred Ilagan Hernandez View Details
Project 3 (Year 3) - "Participatory Evaluation Of RiskCom In Disaster Risk Management Towards Development Of RiskCom Model And Policies For Vulnerable Communities" Maria Stella Casal Tirol View Details
Greening Chromite And Copper Mined-out Areas In Masinloc And San Marcelino, Zambales And In Toledo, Cebu Nina Micosa Cadiz View Details
Greening Nickel And Gold Mined-out Areas In Claver And Placer, Surigao, Mindanao Nelly Siababa Aggangan View Details
Water Resources And Social Characterization Decibel Villarisco Faustino-Eslava View Details
Ecotourism In The Time Of Covid-19 Pandemic: A Rapid Assessment Of The Impact Of The Pandemic On Ten Ecotourism Sites In The Philippines Belinda Flores Espiritu View Details
Ensuring Healthy Workplaces In Government: Analysis Of Health Service Availability And Needs In National Government Agencies Harvy Joy C. LIwanag View Details
The Stories Of Filipino Pregnant Teenagers And Teenage Mothers During The COVID 19 Pandemic Crisis Gloria Luz Martinez Nelson View Details
Emotions, Feelings And Behaviors During The COVID-19 Pandemic Ma. Cecilia G. Conaco View Details
Mapping Of Mental Health And Psychosocial Support Services In The Philippines In The Time Of COVID-19 Pandemic Elizabeth Protacio De Castro View Details
Gender-specific Insights Based On COVID-19 Epidemiological And Socio-economic Data Jomar Fajardo Rabajante View Details
Enhanced Detection Of Sub-Surface Defects Using Fringe-Shifted Shearograms Percival F. Almoro View Details
Synthesis And Characterization Of ZnO Nanostructures Ian Jasper Ayagan Agulo View Details
Characteristics And Nutrient Status Of Degraded Upland Soils Of Samar Victor Bingco Asio View Details
Restrained Domination And Total Restrained Domination In Graphs Under Some Binary Operations Sergio R. Canoy Jr. View Details
Biodiversity And Systematics Of Marine Mangrove Fungi From Selected Coastal Areas In Luzon Islands, Philippines And Assessment Of Their Anti-microbial Activities Thomas Edison E. Dela Cruz View Details
Mathematical Models Of Nanotubes And Their Structural Analogues Ma. Louise Antonette Navarro De Las Peñas View Details
Phylogenetic And Phenotypic Analysis Of Metallo-B-Lactamase Genes From Carbapenem Resistant Gram Negative Enterobacteriaceae Isolates From Three Tertiary Hospital In The Philippines Raul Villarazo Destura View Details
Development Of An Operational Mesoscale Forecasting Model For Metro Manila Mariano A. Estoque View Details
Understorey And Ground-Dwelling Spider Diversity Of Philippines Forest Ecosystems Aimee Lynn Barrion Dupo View Details
Wood Anatomy And Related Properties Of Naturally Grown Philippine Teak (Tectonia Phlippinensis Benth. & Hook) Arsenio B. Ella View Details
Evaluation Of Cytotoxicity Of Endemic Plant Extracts On Selected Human Cancer Cell Lines Sonia D. Jacinto View Details
Evolutionary Dynamics Of Conditional Cash Transfer Program For The Poor Drandreb Earl Oracion Juanico View Details
Nutrient And Water Dynamics In Muyong-Payoh Systems In Amganad, Banaue, Ifugao Damasa Magcale Macandog View Details
A Molecular Epidemiologic Analysis Of M. Tuberculosis Among Filipino Patients In A Suburban Community Jaime C. Montoya View Details
Survey And Assessment Of Soil, Tail Water And Groundwater Contamination With Agricultural Chemicals In The Major Vegetable Producing Areas In Cordillera Region, Northern Philippines Robert T. Ngidlo View Details
Effect Of Doping Manganese On Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 Roland V. Sarmago View Details
Socioeconomics Of Dengue (Management Of Dengue In The Philippines) Judilynn N. Solidum View Details
Investigation Of Morphological Properties And Optical Properties Of Porous Silicon And Its Application As A Photonic Crystal Armando S. Somintac View Details
Value-at-Risk Models For Fixed Income And Derivatives Portfolios Elvira Pederes de Lara-Tuprio View Details
Telecommuting Preferences Of Government Workers In The Philippines Rowena Paz Luspo Gelvezon View Details
Knowledge, Attitudes, Risk Perceptions, And Intention Towards COVID-19 Vaccination In The City Of Manila Ernesto Ramos Gregorio Jr. View Details
G-TWICE (Government Telecommuting Work Infrastructure Cost Estimator) Ryan Rhay Ponce Vicerra View Details
MATINO – Modeling Analysis Of Telework Impact In The ‘New Normal May T. Lim View Details
Bridging The Gap In Remote Teaching And Learning Celina Punzalan Sarmiento View Details
Developing A Time Series Regression Model For Short-term Forecasting Of COVID19 Cases Kathleen Bernardo Aviso View Details
Ecotourism In The Time Of COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact, Lessons Learned, Concerns, And Ways To Go In Ten Ecotourism Sites In The Philippines Belinda Flores Espiritu View Details
An Exploration On The Sustainability Of Selected Private Schools During The COVID 19 Pandemic Maria Antonia Crudo Capili View Details
RD-DIY-Micro: Student- And Teacher-Assessment Of Remote Delivery Of Instruction And Development Of Do-It-Yourself Learning Activities In Microbiology Thomas Edison E. Dela Cruz View Details
Measuring The Impact Of Work-From-Home Scheme On Work-Life Balance Of State Universities And Colleges’ (SUCs) Faculty In Nueva Ecija: A Comparative Analysis View Details
Assessing Innovation Propensity Of Entrepreneurs In The Food Service Sector In Iligan City: Challenges And Opportunities Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic Pamela Fuentes Resurreccion View Details
Project SYLLABI: SYnthesis of Logical and Learning Algorithm-Based Information using Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Distance Learning Education Jayne Lois Go San Juan Food and Nutrition Security 2021-06-A2-NRCP-2023 View Details
MusikaPilipinas: Research And Mapping Towards Understanding, Scoping, And Defining The Philippine Music Industry Maria Alexandra Inigo Chua Food and Nutrition Security 2021-06-A2-NRCP-2023-4968 View Details
Multi-Stakeholder’s Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on Poultry Zoonoses in the Provinces of Leyte and Southern Leyte (NSTEP-SRD-004) View Details
Assessing mental health needs and psychosocial adjustments of community-dwelling adults in the context of extended pandemic lockdown in Tacloban City (NSTEP-SRD-007) View Details
Development Of SKMS View Details
Project 3: Inventory and Digitization of Traditional Knowledge and Grassroots Innovations in Ligawasan Marsh as Basis for Knowledge-to-Action Programs (KAP) Anthony Cinco Sales Food and Nutrition Security 2021-06-A2-NRCP-2023-4800 View Details
Project 1: Ethno-ecological Characterization of the Ligawasan Marsh (with 2 studies) Year 1-Study 1: Characterization of the evolution of the Marsh according to its multiple uses and ecological services, paying attention to local perspectives on the meaning and role of the Marsh in the past, the present, and the BARMM scenario Year 2-Study 2: Establishing a demo-site of communities practicing science and indigenous knowledge in maintaining the multiple Ruth Ubaldo Gamboa Food and Nutrition Security 2021-06-A2-NRCP-2023-4870 View Details
Project 2: Transitional Justice and Peace in Ligawasan Marsh Communities: The Case of the Municipality of SK Pendatun Mario Joyo Aguja Food and Nutrition Security 2021-06-A2-NRCP-2023-5112 View Details
All New Ongoing Extended Terminated Completed with pending obligations Completed - Cleared